Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leading users to eBooks

1. I have been working lately on collection development in computer science. It has been years since anyone has weeded this collection (see previous post with the WordPerfect photo).
2. Previously, when I was researching QR codes, I saw in a photo that a university library had a sign with a QR code in their stacks, right on the shelf. It pointed an online resource for students.

1 + 2 =

Brain says: Awesome! Let's do this for every subject!

Problem: Multiple subjects on one shelf lead to aesthetic displeasure and crowding.

Solution: We have these wooden book placeholders. We don't really use them at the library anymore and have a ton in the storage room downstairs. As a young librarian, I had no idea what they were when first coming upon them, but they go in place of a book that is being repaired, on reserve, on hold, etc. Pointing you in the right direction, if you're looking for something that we have, but isn't currently there on the shelf. Hello! Resources we have with no physical presence... eBooks!

Hence this:

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